The Gist of Me

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I am a Canadian cannabis freedom advocate, and a former veteran Biovail pharmaceutical company employee (est. 1999), and began my journey in 2006, after I broke my left femur in half from a bad skydiving landing accident. The 72 piece fracture set me on a unhealthy trail of hard narcotic pills, making me very sick and forcing me to take a hard glance at my life around me. Medically, the prescription pills caused me to develop liver damage, and I had to stop taking them. It was then that I decided to try using cannabis, to help aid the pain that was constantly dominating my life. 19 weeks after the accident, I was back at work semi-functional. I went without pain control for four years after my femur fracture until I took it upon myself to take extra credit courses for work and attended a medical convention in Winnipeg in the early spring of 2010.  My draw to the convention wooed me a with lecture by a US Professor regarding cannabis as medicine, exploring the endocannabinoid receptors. Since pills were no longer an option, I educated myself instead. At the convention I met Dr. Jan Frederick Engelbrecht, a GP, who decided to join me in the cannabis lecture. A couple of months later, we fell in love, and I decided to quit my job at Biovail and relocate cities to pursue a new life with Jan. This became a three and a half year journey, of signing cannabis prescriptions to medically deemed patients, so they could either grow or obtain their own cannabis medicine in a safe and dignified manner. I ran a sub-clinic to his and we screened patients together. My femur fracture had also qualified me for a marijuana prescription, which he signed willingly for me. The medical marijuana prescription allowed me to also grow my own cannabis, and allowed me to help many patients access medicine when they needed to. In addition, I specifically bred a high CBD strain for a six year old girl who had a rare seizure disorder. I took it from fresh harvest, juiced it, then her mother gave it to her in her feeding tube. It helped her immensely. Jan had signed the juveniles paperwork in hopes to save her from her disorder, and her mother from the laws. This journey later tied business royalties with “Tweed” for me, where I am currently working with CEO on a low income access program for juvenile patients. Jan and I were an amazing team and we were quickly recognized as compassionate warriors in the Canadian cannabis community, and were both asked to be featured in a Canadian documentary, Still Trippin’ The Trans Canada Highway, in 2011. This documentary has now won film awards in other countries, such as Germany. On March 2 2014, our journey unexpectedly ended, when Jan unexpectedly passed away. It was horrible for myself and for so many others. His passing ultimately left me to pursue a new journey in my grieving path, and without too much time, I mapped out my next chapter. Today, I have relocated in my birth province of British Columbia, to start a new life as a professional writer and journalist. I hope my interviews, stories and blogs for inspire my readers and fans to become open-minded, aware, informed, thought-provoked, humbled, educated, and ultimately lifted.