Cannabis & Mental Health ~ Bridging the Gap


How Cannabis Can Help Your State of Mind

As a well adjusted 40 year old woman that has experienced childhood trauma, teen trauma, and adult trauma, cannabis has helped me as an adult, get through the worst experiences in my life. While I sought out professional help in my late 20’s for severe depression, anxiety disorder, multiple personality disorder and PTSD, the amazing team I obtained, had taught me better ways to cope for the life I was given, and for the life I had to eventually learn to lead. Through the roughest moments, I was forced to figure out what the best ways were for me to cope, because the other ways I was coping were not healthy, and I was leading a fast tracked life of hard drugs and alcohol. It wasn’t until further in my sexual abuse PTSD rehabilitation sessions, and healthy coping behavior skills course, that I realized why I had been abusing these substances. I had been numbing out my memories of sexual abuse and childhood trauma with cocaine and alcohol. I was fading away from pain in order not to deal with it. Addiction comes with a hard price, as it almost did for me. Thankfully, I was a functioning addict who got proper help in my early stages of addiction. With addiction, some people can lose themselves in stitched moments of foggy hangovers and tremoring withdrawals. I did not have to experience any of that thankfully, because I had the right medical team, psychological coaching, and a “wanting to heal” mindset. This ultimately created healthier behavior patterns for myself which proved long term, to have replenished my mind, body and soul. It opened an opportunity window for peaceful internal healing , so that I could start living again.


The most important thing I remind myself when I am down, is that there is help, resources, and other people who have been in similar situations, who I can identify with similar experiences. Group therapy helped me immensely. I was not alone in my fears and traumas. As I heavily bonded with other women in my similar situation,  it was then I truly realized that there was hope for me to heal. There was a real opportunity for me to start healing as a victim and survivor of lifelong sexual abuse. So I went for it, and completed the rehabilitation courses and group therapy sessions in two years. The tricky part afterwards? Staying on top of it, everyday. And there is a better, healthier, safer way to do so. With cannabis. Using cannabis as a mental health coping regime can be beneficial even if you don’t use cannabis on a regular basis, or at all. I know personally PTSD patients, who are veterans of war, who now use cannabis as medicine to cope through the ongoing terrors that surface. Cannabis DOES HELP with mental wellness. Being able to cope healthily mentally, means being able to move on, so you can start a new emotional path to healing yourself as a whole.

DSC_2241As no trauma can be diminished over any period of time, coping the best we can and staying on top of our emotions become the forefront of our daily happiness’. Easier said than done, I know. Cannabis has been my personal saving grace not only for my arthritis, but also for my mental health issues. It keeps my emotions in check, my anxiety down and my spirit happily fed. I am motivated to clean my home, go for walks, call my friends and make it to work. I am living my life the way I ought to be because I use cannabis. If you suffer from mental health issues, you can take your life back. Getting help is your first step. Get help to clear the fog, to figure out your triggers, to sort the clouds. Talk to a doctor about cannabis as medicine. Open up a door and create dialogue. Educate yourself and your caregiver. I use cannabis so I can feel better, so I can deal with my emotions rationally, and awaken dormant brain hormones to feel my happiest. Cannabis balances me, and perhaps it can do the same for you.

Adopting Healthy Coping Behaviour Skills

I am a strong believer in the “Teach a Man to Fish” logic, so I will teach my readers some easy coping behaviour skills through this blog. I find staying on top of my emotions daily is the best way to deal with my mental health issues instead of hoping an episode or breakdown doesn’t occur. Think of it as preventative rather than a bandage to an ONGOING issue. The best formula for this (I found for myself) is daily self-affirmation and daily self-pampering. By doing one positive thing for yourself every single day, it tells ourselves that we are loving ourselves by giving ourselves a little attention we cannotbong bath get from anyone else. Our biggest mistakes in life is relying on others to do important things for us, like giving us happiness. Well, that is simply unrealistic and holds no logic. We are the captains of our own ships and we can decide for ourselves whether or not we want to use our sails. Never rely on anyone to do anything for you that you cannot do for yourself. By doing something for yourself as simple as going for a brisk walk, cleaning out an old closet, or helping a friend move, it proves to be a self-rewarding moment in the process of healing. Take a vape pen with you on the go, or roll a fatty to make the task more uplifting and fulfilling. Get semi-stoned, not ripped. Watch as you accomplish your daily task, the worries and stressors dissipate, leaving you internally satisfied. When overwhelmed or stressed, have a hot epsom salt bath and hotbox the bathroom with some weedy bong rips or shatter dabs, then get RIPPED.

Socializing & Making New Friends For Support

Making time to socialize is so important. Even when we want to shut the world out, we should always remember that without our friends, we might not have anyone to lean on in the worst of times, so it’s important to spend time with them for good times as well. Afterall, they will likely understand your pain and hold you when you need to let it all out. Heading to a movie requires little talking if you aren’t in the mood to yap. Sometimes those awkward silences can be strange and uncomfortable so a movie can play a good role in keeping those moments at bay. Another way to socialize without really having to go anywhere is calling someone on the phone. Reaching out lets others know how you are doing, and allows you to see how they are doing too. But I think getting out and doing something is truly the way to go. One of my favorite cannabis friendly socializing spots are vapor lounges in Vancouver. We have a few great ones, like Cannabis Culture Lounge and Budzilla, whvapor loungeere people can socialize and openly smoke weed in a safe environment. If you do not have access to one near you, I might suggest gathering friends for one big session at an agreeable disclosed location. Large pot smoking sessions are fun and a great way to reconnect with people you may not have seen in awhile. Be sure to bring munchies!

Tapping Into Your Creative DNA (We All Have It)

If you can imagine, you can create. Remember the days where you drew pictures, colored pictures or wrote poems? Or perhaps you weren’t that creative. Maybe you liked building model cars, woodworking or flying robotic airplanes? Rediscovering your youthful creative and adventurous side can be a great navigational tool for coping and healing. By mentally focusing outside of your everyday conscious thinking core, exercising the subconscious imagination often is allowing yourself to live again in ways that make you happy and uplifted. And what a better way to exercise it as uninhibited as you can, while being nicely high on cannabis. Cannabis unleashes creative thinking, physical relaxation and mental reflexes. These are all primal traits for creativity and flow. If you want to try something outside your zone, go for it, and try it with cannabis. Take up a pottery class, try painting, or take up a local pot-yoga class. As long as you apply yourself in new and creative ways, you can guarantee that those bleak, dark, sadder days will soon become a thing of the past. Dedicate time for yourself to medicate and restore, and remember that only you can make you happy. Try cannabis in these adventures, and try them with or without stoney friends. The only thing that matters is that you try. Hempy healing ❤








Sexual Harassment & the Cannabis Workplace

Breaking the Silence


Japanese sne rasta

We don’t want to talk about it, see it happen, or experience it. It’s paralyzing silence has made it’s way through careers of people, many of them being women. Since women took on independent liberties in the 1960’s, and began to break the house-wife status’ across North America by working in the job markets, women have found themselves at one point or another, sexually harassed by a co-worker or boss. This era particularly found women professionally dressing in sexy clothing, which often time made them appear as sex objects. It is in my opinion that these women were trying to get themselves further along in their careers by exuding sex appeal, perhaps in hopes to further themselves up a “corporate ladder” with a promotion as an assistant to the Big Cheese. Well at least that’s what daytime soap-opera tv taught me back then. But whatever the case, I also speculate that women overall in general, want to dress sexy because they are simply just confident and that confidence should never be misunderstood for, “I wanna be harassed by you” or “Please rape me.”  I will be the first one to admit that I love looking sexy, but that is not a sexual invitation by any means. If I don’t lean in first, you have no business in my bubble, cleavage, or no cleavage.




By the mid 80’s, some North American work places adopted a strict no sexual harassment in the workplace rule often coached by flaccid Beta or VHS tape, viewed in a stuffy old office, where everyone eventually cracked dirty jokes as they watched it. But it isn’t funny. Not at all. Sexual harassment is a serious matter and I personally have witnessed friends become victim to this dark matter in the cannabis industry. We smoke weed, a lot of it, but honestly, weed itself, has nothing to do with this. Just some random messed up people in the weed industry, toking among us, and pretending this is normal. Furthering discussions recently, have had the East and West coast supporters saddened and fearing a dividing silent awakening, that will soon bare turbulent waters if no one speaks up. If you are an offender and found yourself here wondering if I am naming names, you need to leave my site now, I have better things to do than be a rat for your shitty behaviour.




I am using my website blog to break the silence, in hopes that my readers (men and women) understand that this is a serious matter. If you are a person (again, man or woman) who is being sexually harassed at your workspace, the first thing to do is try to talk about it to someone you trust. If you have been raped, you NEED (seriously, like right now) to tell someone you trust and seek medical help immediately. If you have a friend who is victim, reach out and check in often. Encourage healing, and promote dialouge about what happened. The only advice to give this person is to weigh out their own circumstances. Everything has a price, even the truth. A great start to healing is  by talking it through with a friend or family member, as this can be a saving grace of coping simply on it’s own. It is high time to put sexual harassment in the cannabis community into check, and to let everyone know that our lives matter, our feelings matter, and our jobs matter!  In addition, I would like to remind everyone that just because someone appears sexy, it does not automatically mean that they are looking to get laid. It might just mean that they are confident and maybe more that they feel good about themselves. Stay safe my peeps, and keep it in your pants and shirts until you get SOBER permission. And remember……………..


Cannabis, Psychedelics & Sex

How To Easily Intensify Your Sex Life

Couple sharing a joint


When we think of sex, some of us obsess over it, some of us just love it when we can get it, and some of us just don’t care for the marital-like “chore”. But when we look at the days when sex was good in our lives, those reflections in time possibly included smoking a joint and then unleashing the inhibitions, surrendering to our sexy selves. Well, at least this was my experience.

In my later teens, 16+, some of the best sex I explored was high on cannabis, psilocybin and LSD. And some of that remarkable sex also included amazing wall climbing orgasms that put me outside of myself, in a good ways of course. But low and behold, nothing is quite as good as having sex while high on cannabis along with a partner that is also high on cannabis. Heightening pleasures mesh with one another that fiercely escalate into beautiful releases of gripping satisfaction. So how does cannabis make this so? In my earlier blog, I wrote about how humans are naturally cannabis deficient and wrote about CB1 & CB2 receptors in the brain. It literally and scientifically has to do with this. Due to the fact that the receptors with cannabis can allow natural brain hormones to function normally, that marriage of cannabis and our receptors also allow us to optimally feel relaxed, uninhibited, comfortable and sexy within ourselves. This then paves way for the splendid explorations of each other’s desires without any tensions and/or mental roadblocks, which can lead to the biggest, intense orgasms known to us.


When I later explored psilocybin and LSD, I also found that it peaked my sexual arousal levels and I would often find myself hot and bothered if I had enough in my system. The difference than cannabis is though other than the obvious hallucinations, is that the “sex-trip” experience needs to be explored with someone who is very experienced with them, and obviously with someone you really trust. Or, masturbation is also amazing to try. As a first experience, I recommend to try “cannabis-sex” first, and then having at least five good normal “trips” on psychedelics before exploring actual “trippy-sex”. Keep also in mind, that trippy-sex is not for everyone…….but it is for me 😉








Why Cannabis Might Be Right for You


A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring Cannabis

If you aren’t sure if cannabis is right for you, and are curious about trying it, here are a few things to consider before trying it for the first time.

  • Medical conditions that need aiding.

If you are seeking the use of cannabis for medical purposes, cannabis might be a candidate for your ailment(s). Research has proven cannabis to be an effective pain reliever, anti-nauseant, anti-inflammatory, appetite enhancer, sleep inducer, libido enhancer, mood enhancer as well as possessing anti-cancer properties. THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and CBD (cannabidiol) are compounds found in cannabis that when heated  (when heated, turns THCA to THC or tetrahydrocannabinol) or ingested, have known medicinal values. Our human anatomy responds to the use of cannabis through our CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brain, which allow the body to feel balanced and connected as a whole. Cannabis is fitting to our bodies anatomy because it is natural and makes us feel good. In theory, we really are cannabis deficient and need it to fit our receptors in order to feel optimized.

  • Sick of taking pain pills.

Do your prescribed pain pills cause you to nod off, black out, or have you suffered liver damage from pharmaceutical pain pills? Cannabis can replace the pain pills and, can be easily managed by ingestion for optimal pain relief. Small low doses ranging from 10mg THC to 20mg THC is recommended for the first time when eating cannabis because it behaves different than smoked, and can leave you nodding off, throwing up, or becoming dizzy if you ingest too much too soon. Moderation, low doses or small portions, are the keys to enjoying medible delights. If you discover eating cannabis treats doesn’t suffice, try increasing the dose 10 mg every four hours. If it’s too much, drink real orange juice to reverse any negative effects, and then try to lay down until you feel better. Also, vaporizing cannabis in a vaporizer at a medium-high heat for the first time ( at approximately  300 Celsius), will set up up comfortably. This temperature and method will guide you as to where you are going for a head high without getting you too stoned, too quickly. The key is to go low and slow so you don’t get adverse effects like paranoia or an unexpected rapid heart rate. This should be a pleasant first time cannabis experience that you can build on for a long term therapy regime. In addition, unlike pain pills, cannabis come in a variety of strains that if you change them up daily, will jog the effects of unstable pain control. So you can always stay on top of your pain just by simply using a variety of different cannabis  strains.

  • Mental Health is serious.

Life is hard, let’s face it, we aren’t wired to cope properly. Things happen in life, situations, events, losses, gains, trauma, and we find ourselves ultimately defeated by our own managing system, our mind, our thinking mule. Coping debilitates us, shuts us down, builds up walls, ruins relationships, jobs are lost and sometimes even homelessness. Without a proper state of mind (an optimistic one if you will), one could get beaten down by their own mental battles. Cannabis helps nourish and uplifts dopamine and serotonin levels naturally and easily. When using cannabis daily, the suffering, grievances, and emotional pain are no longer magnified, and the heavy dead weights become diminished. Cannabis helps clear away mental clouds so one can regain their ability to see light again. It allows one to focus on self-healing and wellness, as the stresses start to dissipate. It is a perfect tool for finding one’s self again.

  • Gardening is a natural healer too.

Growing cannabis can be the most rewarding experience one can endure. Minus the laws in other countries, in Canada 40,000+ patients have a legal garden in which they can grow their prescription. I have had the pleasure of growing cannabis and know first hand how wonderful it can be. From seedling, to sexing, to flower to cure to the ritual smoke, the whole cannabis growing experience is one to truly experience. It initiates a relationship between human and flower where things like love, feeding, watering and harvesting can become a mothering bond. This allows a lot of brain hormones to function, warding away any negative headspace. It is also somewhat time consuming, so it also makes a good distraction.

  • Become a part of the global cannabis movement because activism is good for the soul.

Cannabis brings people together like no other thing in this universe. There’s nothing like showing up to a protest at 7 a.m. with all of your friends smoking a big fat joint. Cannabis undeniably bonds friendships, and engages people to come together for so many reasons! Rallies, protests, fundraisers, and cannabis contests are just a few things we do as cannabis activists. Cannabis itself, draws its fans together to celebrate it’s attributes, reigning in so many countries across the world. But unfortunately cannabis is mostly illegal globally. The good news is, is that there is real power in numbers. Unity can be loud voice for political cannabis resistance. Until cannabis is fully legalized globally, we must help one another create awareness, educate our politicians and communities, and set good examples for the changes we want to see on a global scale. The only true crime about cannabis is the fact that it’s mostly illegal. Fighting cannabis prohibition is spiritually uplifting because it is doing something good for our future generations, and gets us back to what’s right.






Facebook & Networking

DSC_0605 I have been so honored and blessed to have had such an amazing career over the past year, and have been able to network so many wonderful people, companies and situations, people often wonder how I get the interviews I do for so I thought I would share my networking secrets. I really do have to thank my fans, friends and previous patients that Dr. Engelbrecht and I have helped in the past. Without them, these moments in my life would not have been so remarkably pivotal.
My first goals when searching for a interview candidate, really starts with the “belt notches”of the person I am going to interview, always pertaining to cannabis of course, and how it fits into their lives.  Often times, I enjoy using Facebook to initiate messages to these wonderful people, explaining who I am, what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. A great icebreaker for me when approaching my subjects, is when I ask them to read my other interviews to get a sense of my interview style and energy. In addition, I only use Google docs with my clients, so it can be an easy way to set up a live editing feed for the pre-interview questions, and then the official interview. It makes it fluid and easy to work with.  As a journalist, it is also important for me to invest time into the history of the subjects, collecting data and researching them thoroughly. Whether I use news articles, Google or ask them direct, my approach is always soft, inviting and reassuring. I do not engage in writing about any rumors, nor do I use any cornering questions, and nor do I use any type of negative exposure in my work. I strongly feel that there is enough negative things in this world, and I am happy to leave that type of negativity to those types of writers. For myself, satisfaction comes from within and when I get to know the truths of my clients in their own headspace, words, and language. It is the end result, the final product, their stories unleashed.

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