Cannabis, Psychedelics & Sex

How To Easily Intensify Your Sex Life

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When we think of sex, some of us obsess over it, some of us just love it when we can get it, and some of us just don’t care for the marital-like “chore”. But when we look at the days when sex was good in our lives, those reflections in time possibly included smoking a joint and then unleashing the inhibitions, surrendering to our sexy selves. Well, at least this was my experience.

In my later teens, 16+, some of the best sex I explored was high on cannabis, psilocybin and LSD. And some of that remarkable sex also included amazing wall climbing orgasms that put me outside of myself, in a good ways of course. But low and behold, nothing is quite as good as having sex while high on cannabis along with a partner that is also high on cannabis. Heightening pleasures mesh with one another that fiercely escalate into beautiful releases of gripping satisfaction. So how does cannabis make this so? In my earlier blog, I wrote about how humans are naturally cannabis deficient and wrote about CB1 & CB2 receptors in the brain. It literally and scientifically has to do with this. Due to the fact that the receptors with cannabis can allow natural brain hormones to function normally, that marriage of cannabis and our receptors also allow us to optimally feel relaxed, uninhibited, comfortable and sexy within ourselves. This then paves way for the splendid explorations of each other’s desires without any tensions and/or mental roadblocks, which can lead to the biggest, intense orgasms known to us.


When I later explored psilocybin and LSD, I also found that it peaked my sexual arousal levels and I would often find myself hot and bothered if I had enough in my system. The difference than cannabis is though other than the obvious hallucinations, is that the “sex-trip” experience needs to be explored with someone who is very experienced with them, and obviously with someone you really trust. Or, masturbation is also amazing to try. As a first experience, I recommend to try “cannabis-sex” first, and then having at least five good normal “trips” on psychedelics before exploring actual “trippy-sex”. Keep also in mind, that trippy-sex is not for everyone…….but it is for me 😉









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