Sexual Harassment & the Cannabis Workplace

Breaking the Silence


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We don’t want to talk about it, see it happen, or experience it. It’s paralyzing silence has made it’s way through careers of people, many of them being women. Since women took on independent liberties in the 1960’s, and began to break the house-wife status’ across North America by working in the job markets, women have found themselves at one point or another, sexually harassed by a co-worker or boss. This era particularly found women professionally dressing in sexy clothing, which often time made them appear as sex objects. It is in my opinion that these women were trying to get themselves further along in their careers by exuding sex appeal, perhaps in hopes to further themselves up a “corporate ladder” with a promotion as an assistant to the Big Cheese. Well at least that’s what daytime soap-opera tv taught me back then. But whatever the case, I also speculate that women overall in general, want to dress sexy because they are simply just confident and that confidence should never be misunderstood for, “I wanna be harassed by you” or “Please rape me.”  I will be the first one to admit that I love looking sexy, but that is not a sexual invitation by any means. If I don’t lean in first, you have no business in my bubble, cleavage, or no cleavage.




By the mid 80’s, some North American work places adopted a strict no sexual harassment in the workplace rule often coached by flaccid Beta or VHS tape, viewed in a stuffy old office, where everyone eventually cracked dirty jokes as they watched it. But it isn’t funny. Not at all. Sexual harassment is a serious matter and I personally have witnessed friends become victim to this dark matter in the cannabis industry. We smoke weed, a lot of it, but honestly, weed itself, has nothing to do with this. Just some random messed up people in the weed industry, toking among us, and pretending this is normal. Furthering discussions recently, have had the East and West coast supporters saddened and fearing a dividing silent awakening, that will soon bare turbulent waters if no one speaks up. If you are an offender and found yourself here wondering if I am naming names, you need to leave my site now, I have better things to do than be a rat for your shitty behaviour.




I am using my website blog to break the silence, in hopes that my readers (men and women) understand that this is a serious matter. If you are a person (again, man or woman) who is being sexually harassed at your workspace, the first thing to do is try to talk about it to someone you trust. If you have been raped, you NEED (seriously, like right now) to tell someone you trust and seek medical help immediately. If you have a friend who is victim, reach out and check in often. Encourage healing, and promote dialouge about what happened. The only advice to give this person is to weigh out their own circumstances. Everything has a price, even the truth. A great start to healing is  by talking it through with a friend or family member, as this can be a saving grace of coping simply on it’s own. It is high time to put sexual harassment in the cannabis community into check, and to let everyone know that our lives matter, our feelings matter, and our jobs matter!  In addition, I would like to remind everyone that just because someone appears sexy, it does not automatically mean that they are looking to get laid. It might just mean that they are confident and maybe more that they feel good about themselves. Stay safe my peeps, and keep it in your pants and shirts until you get SOBER permission. And remember……………..



2 thoughts on “Sexual Harassment & the Cannabis Workplace

  1. There is a great deal more to be said about this matter. At the present time, there are certain parties in Canada that are using medicinal cannabis to lure vulnerable women in order to sexually exploit them in a number of ways, leaving the women lost, alone and imprisoned in a mental jail without bars jail for life blaming themselves for the sexual assaults while the perpetrator gets away, free to repeat the offence over and over again without detection or recourse. I belong to a group of sexual assault survivors called the VIP’s; Victims of Incest, Paedophiles, Predators, Priests and Police where we teach survivors how to prepare a Statement of Claim and an Affidavit of Evidence identifying the victimizer and the circumstances that led to the sexual assault. We have found this to be extremely therapeutic even if the documents are filed in their dresser drawer. If anyone has such a complaint and would like to file a document making such a claim, please contact me at:


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