Responsible Recreational Cannabis Adventuring

Woman joint smoke


Responsibility Is Your Mindset


In Canada, cannabis is legal from a medical standpoint, and is promised to be one day recreationally legalized under the new Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau. Also, throughout 23 states, cannabis is legal for either recreational and/or medical, and is ever growing. But let’s be honest here,  having a valid medical marijuana “prescription” doesn’t mean much anymore these days. People will always have a desire to be free, and they will always throw caution to the wind when it comes to law, personal freedoms, and liberty. This especially is true when it comes to the use of cannabis and the laws that encompass it globally. This brings us to the underground use of recreational weed, and all it’s taboo. Who ever thought that in America that recreational weed would be legal (not federally, only per state)? I certainly didn’t. But I suppose my guess was as good as anyone else’s. Whether it’s legal or not, medical or not, people consume it. If you have pondered exploring recreational marijuana and are needing some guidance, then you are at the right blog. Staying safe, mindful and AWARE of your environment and experience is important.  Therefore, getting high “recreationally” means preparing ahead of time.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Planning ahead will get you prepared better for those OOPS I FORGOT moments, and for those HOW DO I GET HOME moments, because we are responsible for our own safety and wellbeing. If you are planning some good old fashioned adventuring, try setting up a carpool of friends with one designated driver. If you don’t have a ride and don’t mind transit, plan your route and destinations ahead of time and make sure to put the correct information on your smartphone. Remember that if you aren’t a chronic toker, not to drive while high. New laws are forming in North America, and have huge repercussions if are caught. It just isn’t worth it.



Arrange a ride for your peace of mind.

Never rely on others to have bongs and papers for you, honestly, it’s lame and you should always bring your own gear even if you only adventure casually. And hey ladies, PLEASE invest in a Hurley backpack or a Pelican for your gear because it just works better on many levels. And these work great for glass and dab gear on the go, and it fits personal things like a wallet, keys and lip balm. Another tip for you beautiful sisters out there is not to wear heels when adventuring on cannabis because you will soon realize how uncomfortable you feel. Dress comfortable head to toe and always pack a hoodie just in case. When it comes to packing devices like torches, make sure you pack a full can of butane for easy refills as your day turns to night. You’ll be the one who remembered to bring the tane 😉

When you are out adventuring, you can bring your wallet, but always also bring a realistic budget. Cannabis is expensive unless you know people, in which case, good for you! Leave your credit card at home if you can help it. One tends to blow more money when they are high and besides, you don’t want to be kicking yourself in the ass the next day over a THC hangover. Recreational cannabis, means sticking to your budget. And don’t forget that weed makes you hungry, so bring enough cash for munchies and food fan fare.

Socializing & Cannabis Etiquette

Germs aren’t cool, but we can’t always escape them. When you do share, try the cupping technique where lips only touch your hand. Mindful toking like rolling and smoking your own without sharing, is becoming more popular with illnesses and seasonal virus’. What has become more popular recently is known as bud swapping. Trading a friend a nug for a nug is a socially acceptable fair trade deal that creates dialogue among its admirers and fans. Trading buds also means you don’t have to share it right away, but roll it for when you want it, or pop it in your bong and pass it around!

Smoking a joint
A toke is taken without directly placing mouth on the joint by doing a hand cupping technique. This is popular for hygiene and for stopping the spread of germs.

When it comes to sharing glass, and tools, it’s best to keep alcohol wipes and a lighter handy to sterilize your mouthpiece after you’ve opted to share it. If you don’t want to share your stuff, do not expect others to share, but if they do, maybe learn to share too. Besides, we often learn by setting better examples for each other. This doesn’t mean you have to give your shatter or weed all away, but be positive and offer out if others offer you the same. Reciprocation means a happy experience and establishing good relationships within your community.

When you get home safe, remember to check in with your friends if you used transit, and text them to let them know you made it home safely. If you drop someone off, text them when you get home. Being mindful enough to let someone know you made it home safe will end the night with everyone at ease. Remember tokers, you can get high, but can be responsible doing it. Happy responsible recreational cannabis adventuring everyone!