How Cannabis Has Enhanced My Life

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At Shakespeare’s Garden enjoying the sweet aroma of Purple Lemon. Glass Pendant by Apache Glass, hemp dress by Hippie~Chick, tattoos by Kay Abbott.

Biological Effects of Cannabinoids Play a Role in Mood

When I light a robust floral Sativa, I melt inside myself. There is nothing I desire more than to be happy and relaxed with the life I lead. So it’s important that I find time to medicate and medicate well, so that I am able to conduct myself throughout my day feeling optimal. Cannabis allows me to put stresses at bay, focus towards the task(s) at hand, and lends guidance to important decision making when meeting deadlines. Cannabis is my go to for angst, stress and worries. When I am lifted, I am also ready for people. I am more likely to engage and speak with confidence than if I am bushy-tailed and feeling my physical pain. When pain is present, I want to hide from everyone and be done with my day. Quite the opposite when I am lit though and I think I found out why. According to a study, cannabinoids are responsible for mood enhancement. A case study with 12 recreational subjects was performed and showed to be beneficial for mood; has archived this study. So if the scientific proof is there that cannabis enhances one’s mood, why hasn’t anyone talked about it? We all know if we feel good, we can achieve healthy self-worth. I think it is important to feel good in life in order to be successful, don’t you? There’s a strain for that!

Terpenes in Cannabis Have Uplifting Effects

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Terpene Profiles & Their Recognized Biological Effects

Terpenes are the oil components naturally found in flowers that are responsible for smell, color and flavour. Terpenes in cannabis are very therapeutic when used for aromatherapy or medible food enhancement. There are five types of terpenes; A-Pinene, Linalool, Beta Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene. These five profiles have been present in all cannabis we find now and can assist in uplifting one’s mood, induce happiness and promote relaxation. The terpenes also have medicinal components, for example, Lavender has anti-anxiety effects, while Pinene aids in inflammation. Did you also know that vitamin A is a terpene? All terpenes have a purpose. If you’d like scientific insight on terpenes, I recommend reading this broadened terpene blog by one of my favorite journalists, Gooey Rabinski.

We can surely benefit on the terpene scents and their medicinal values.  If simply smelling cannabis terps can make you smile, then you are already halfway there 🙂 I personally, enjoy smelling my flowers pre-bust and post bust. Somehow it’s the two different smelling experiences.

Cannabis isn’t about getting “high” anymore, cannabis is meant to be used to it’s full potential and this is just another way how. My absolute favorite smell above all is that of growing cannabis.

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Cannabis grower smells his plant in vegetative state.

Cannabis Handles What I Normally Can’t~ My Pains & Woes

When I broke my left femur in 2006, I didn’t have a lot of options for pain management other than whatever my doctor prescribed. At the time, I was taking Tylenol 3 and those weren’t cutting it. I felt it was in my better health’s interest that I sought out a more natural way of coping with the fracture. Living in butt f*ck no where, I resorted to asking local in-laws who I knew had dabbled in weed, for their help. I wasn’t shy about it and felt compelled to get my pain managed at any cost. I even risked my job because I was susceptible to random drug tests at the time. But, my pain control was everything and pills suck. I am happy I am a medical cannabis patient here in Canada because I actually am still benefiting!

Later the following year, in 2007, I faced  PTSD when I discovered I was molested by my mother and strange random men an early age of 8. Without rehashing old feelings and events, I will say that it was the worst thing I have ever faced in my life. I got the help I needed and the support of friends. Yet again, cannabis helps me cope with this one daily.


difficult roads


Cannabis In Food Makes Me Feel Good

If I am known for anything among my peers, it would be that I am notorious for medible creations like infused canned chili, soups and jams. Being a person in pain has taught me to stay healthy and mindful of what I put into my temple. I choose organic ingredients and humane non medicated meats in my diet. When I infuse my food, I make it to my needs. I have been ingesting activated thc and cbd for 10 years and have pretty much nailed the technique of cannabis decarboxylation and cannabis extraction food infusion. When food is infused, the THC Delta 9 turns into THC Delta 11, hitting my system a little harder and longer. I find this is the most effective for my pain management.

I enjoy cannabis in three forms; coconut oil, olive oil and one dairy like butter or milk. I have made infused chocolate ice cream before and it was amazing! Starting off in smaller doses is the sure fire way to go. As you become more tolerable, you can slowly increase your doses. If you need guidance in making medibles, I might suggest watching this easy butter making video by Tracy Curley ❤

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Stock meme courtesy of

Today, I struggle with anxiety, depression, pain and loss. Cannabis has helped me through it all. I am not saying that cannabis is right for you, I wouldn’t know. But it is right for me. I chose cannabis in all forms because it’s fitting to who I am and to my needs. I am a big believer in seeing good in all. Even though I have lost, what I gained from those losses are far more valuable now than I could ever get back. Self-worth came at a price. But cannabis is my superhero. Could it be yours?




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