How Growing Cannabis Has Helped Me Grow Too

Gardener’s delight.

Planting A Seed Has Helped Me In Deed

When I first decided to grow my own cannabis medicine under the laws of the Canadian Federal Government’s regulations for medicinal marijuana use, I had no idea of the benefits of growing cannabis actually had. I was under the notion that growing cannabis was the right thing to do for one’s self, which I feel it still is, but I didn’t expect to fall in love with the process of growing this beautiful plant. In my experiences in growing anything, I was rarely successful at fruitful results in those attempts. Mind you, I was growing domestic and tropical plants, some ornamental types, probably too advanced for my botany hobbying. However, with the right mentors and by educating myself with books such as Jorges Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal literature, I learned the do’s and don’ts as a cannabis gardener, while practicing “hands-on” in other friend’s gardens.

In the summer of 2011, I had a good friend who mentored me in his greenhouse so that I could learn standard greenhouse methods as well as learn his greenhouse light manipulation techniques by using sensors and motorized blinds. It was quite cool as I recall. He taught me to prune, supercrop and taught me about organic applications. In addition to this time, a different friend was mentoring me in his indoor garden using organic soil blends and some nutrients. He also experimented with hydroponics, which taught me how to root clones easier. It was my year for learning everything and anything to do with growing cannabis. I learned a lot and advanced myself quickly as a grower. I am grateful for having those experiences, and I continue to learn from some of the best growers around today.

Remo (Master Grower) at the 1st Annual Bio Cup/Legends Valley Music Festival (photo taken by Jade Ridge)


In early 2012, I received my “pinks” in the mail from Health Canada saying I am allowed to grow my daily prescription of 30 grams a day. I suffer from severe arthritis so my prescription allows me to use as much as I need to daily. Under the  Health Canada Medical Marijuana regulations, my prescription allows me to produce 146 cannabis plants at any given time in a designated space.

Starting from scratch is as easy as knowing someone who is already established as a cannabis gardener and learning to clone, and I do and did. I managed to root clones from cuttings gifted to me. Other times I had been gifted seeds. When I deal with cannabis seeds, two things I consider to be important are; do I have the room to “sex” the seedlings and do I want to risk pollination on my existing female plants? The answer for me to this question has always been yes. Well, for myself to at least try once (or twice) as a cannabis grower. I’ve learned a lot by “trial and error” of cracking seeds, and the price of experimenting with seeds didn’t come cheap. I did lose a small crop and I did make other mistakes. However, had I not made those choices to try, I would never had learned how to solve those problems, nor would I have learned to sex properly. It taught me patience, understanding and love for the creation of new genetics. It also taught me to cross breed my existing genetics. In fact, I did create a strain that is on the market today and I am very proud of it. It even has a great review!

Emma a.k.a. Snow Queen Goddess 12% THC 4% CBD

From Seed to Medicating


The “Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish, he will eat for life” theory applies with cannabis growing too, especially for patients. Often times, accessing cannabis is difficult, as laws prevent reasonable access for patients. I have found that with the ability to legally grow my own buds, I have had little problem accessing it and know for sure that I am using good medicine with zero pesticides. I am confident in what I am using as medicine is good because I am the one that is growing it. This makes my life that much less stressful, and wait, there’s more…

The most rewarding part about growing your own buds comes from the heart. The time, love and effort that it takes to grow your own medicine is the creme a la creme of living the cannabis lifestyle. From seedling to medication, it is the cycle of love that keeps on giving. Knowing that there is a special reciprocation between myself and a plant has made me realize that I was my path is with it. That my love for cannabis exceeds the ability to just smoke it. That I have a gift that exceeds the love for it. I hope you grow your own medicine, because it’s the right thing to do!

The Spindle (Super Silver Haze X Tahoe OG)



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