What Cannabis Legalization In Canada Has Always Meant to Me


*The views in this blog are solely mine, and mine alone.

~Jade Ridge

When I first met Mr. Trudeau back in 2013, I was lobbying with The NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada to help legalize Cannabis in Canada. He had been campaigning across Canada for a pre-election promotion and landed in Brandon Manitoba on two occasions, just months apart.

My first impression of this would be Prime Minister was the same as everyone else’s; “What a cool guy! Finally someone who’s on our side!” Well, so we thought. Upon my first encounter, Justin stated that he was all for legalizing Cannabis to make our streets “safer” and to take the weed out of the hands of our children. When I had an opportunity to speak with him directly one on one, I asked him what platform of legalization he was looking to develop and he had little to contribute other than we need to eradicate gangs by legalizing weed…yadda, yadda, yadda. When I asked if legalization would affect medical MMAR patients, he initially said no. However, upon the second meeting, something changed. My suspicion was the several news articles on the resurrection of TW**D and their political associates. So, I revisited my questions I had no fulfilment in previously and when I cornered him a second time. He opted out to say that he was in favor of letting LP’s grow Cannabis for patients and to allow the patients focus on their health and healing. This statement was also published in The Ottawa Hill Times shortly thereafter. This comment immediately changed my heart from being any type of Liberal supporter. FTR, I ended up voting NDP even though I knew they’d lose.

IMG_6292It wouldn’t be too soon after that J.T. became PM and would start dismantling the stability and wellness of sick Canadians by implementing corporate take over. His “friends” in high places have attributed to what we are seeing in Canada happen today. The new Cannabis “laws”, the radical raids, the bullying of closing local dispensaries and lounges that have served adult Canadians and sick folk alike are being stripped away from our bare hands. So now what?

While we incredulously wrap our heads around the idea of being thrown under the bus by these non-democratic policies and laws, we can easily recognize that they are implemented in a manner that will set us up to ultimately fail as citizens and as patients. Legalizing Cannabis in Canada under these guides are a mockery of our Charter and a death sentence to patients wellbeing. As a Canadian and an mmj patient, I have exercised my Rights and Freedoms with grace while advocating Cannabis for myself and patients and will continue to do so. It is important to me as a Canadian to educate other Canadians the foundation of what those rights and freedoms are, especially moving into this framework because it all will be required when the arrests begin to snowball.

In a perfect Canadian world, Cannabis would grow abundant, and we would be using hemp for fuel and sustainability rather than drilling pipelines and pissing off Mother Nature. If a plant like hemp could create energy fuel, then why aren’t we looking into this moving forward? In a rational Canadian world, Cannabis would be abundant in hybrid regulated storefronts as well as commercial operations.

Corporate Cannabis is a tyrant because the stock market requires it to be. Greed has created need. Whereas Cannabis advocates are our real pioneers, our voices and are also the ones you see at rallies handing out joints and hugs. WE are Canadian Cannabis because WE get IT.  A new black market will rise and Canadian families will fall apart. People will lose their jobs, their wellbeing, their transportation, and what’s left of their dignity. We are the freedom fighters, and we are the voices to be heard moving forward. There is a better way. This is NOT it. Legalizing Cannabis in Canada means allowing everyone to be a part of the change and the transition and ridding laws that are unlawful. This is what legalization of Cannabis has always meant to me.