How Cannabis Has Enhanced My Life

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At Shakespeare’s Garden enjoying the sweet aroma of Purple Lemon. Glass Pendant by Apache Glass, hemp dress by Hippie~Chick, tattoos by Kay Abbott.

Biological Effects of Cannabinoids Play a Role in Mood

When I light a robust floral Sativa, I melt inside myself. There is nothing I desire more than to be happy and relaxed with the life I lead. So it’s important that I find time to medicate and medicate well, so that I am able to conduct myself throughout my day feeling optimal. Cannabis allows me to put stresses at bay, focus towards the task(s) at hand, and lends guidance to important decision making when meeting deadlines. Cannabis is my go to for angst, stress and worries. When I am lifted, I am also ready for people. I am more likely to engage and speak with confidence than if I am bushy-tailed and feeling my physical pain. When pain is present, I want to hide from everyone and be done with my day. Quite the opposite when I am lit though and I think I found out why. According to a study, cannabinoids are responsible for mood enhancement. A case study with 12 recreational subjects was performed and showed to be beneficial for mood; has archived this study. So if the scientific proof is there that cannabis enhances one’s mood, why hasn’t anyone talked about it? We all know if we feel good, we can achieve healthy self-worth. I think it is important to feel good in life in order to be successful, don’t you? There’s a strain for that!

Terpenes in Cannabis Have Uplifting Effects

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Terpene Profiles & Their Recognized Biological Effects

Terpenes are the oil components naturally found in flowers that are responsible for smell, color and flavour. Terpenes in cannabis are very therapeutic when used for aromatherapy or medible food enhancement. There are five types of terpenes; A-Pinene, Linalool, Beta Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene. These five profiles have been present in all cannabis we find now and can assist in uplifting one’s mood, induce happiness and promote relaxation. The terpenes also have medicinal components, for example, Lavender has anti-anxiety effects, while Pinene aids in inflammation. Did you also know that vitamin A is a terpene? All terpenes have a purpose. If you’d like scientific insight on terpenes, I recommend reading this broadened terpene blog by one of my favorite journalists, Gooey Rabinski.

We can surely benefit on the terpene scents and their medicinal values.  If simply smelling cannabis terps can make you smile, then you are already halfway there 🙂 I personally, enjoy smelling my flowers pre-bust and post bust. Somehow it’s the two different smelling experiences.

Cannabis isn’t about getting “high” anymore, cannabis is meant to be used to it’s full potential and this is just another way how. My absolute favorite smell above all is that of growing cannabis.

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Cannabis grower smells his plant in vegetative state.

Cannabis Handles What I Normally Can’t~ My Pains & Woes

When I broke my left femur in 2006, I didn’t have a lot of options for pain management other than whatever my doctor prescribed. At the time, I was taking Tylenol 3 and those weren’t cutting it. I felt it was in my better health’s interest that I sought out a more natural way of coping with the fracture. Living in butt f*ck no where, I resorted to asking local in-laws who I knew had dabbled in weed, for their help. I wasn’t shy about it and felt compelled to get my pain managed at any cost. I even risked my job because I was susceptible to random drug tests at the time. But, my pain control was everything and pills suck. I am happy I am a medical cannabis patient here in Canada because I actually am still benefiting!

Later the following year, in 2007, I faced  PTSD when I discovered I was molested by my mother and strange random men an early age of 8. Without rehashing old feelings and events, I will say that it was the worst thing I have ever faced in my life. I got the help I needed and the support of friends. Yet again, cannabis helps me cope with this one daily.


difficult roads


Cannabis In Food Makes Me Feel Good

If I am known for anything among my peers, it would be that I am notorious for medible creations like infused canned chili, soups and jams. Being a person in pain has taught me to stay healthy and mindful of what I put into my temple. I choose organic ingredients and humane non medicated meats in my diet. When I infuse my food, I make it to my needs. I have been ingesting activated thc and cbd for 10 years and have pretty much nailed the technique of cannabis decarboxylation and cannabis extraction food infusion. When food is infused, the THC Delta 9 turns into THC Delta 11, hitting my system a little harder and longer. I find this is the most effective for my pain management.

I enjoy cannabis in three forms; coconut oil, olive oil and one dairy like butter or milk. I have made infused chocolate ice cream before and it was amazing! Starting off in smaller doses is the sure fire way to go. As you become more tolerable, you can slowly increase your doses. If you need guidance in making medibles, I might suggest watching this easy butter making video by Tracy Curley ❤

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Today, I struggle with anxiety, depression, pain and loss. Cannabis has helped me through it all. I am not saying that cannabis is right for you, I wouldn’t know. But it is right for me. I chose cannabis in all forms because it’s fitting to who I am and to my needs. I am a big believer in seeing good in all. Even though I have lost, what I gained from those losses are far more valuable now than I could ever get back. Self-worth came at a price. But cannabis is my superhero. Could it be yours?




I dedicate this blog to my boyfriend Ryan who has been a huge support in my world.


The Unimaginable Has Happened, Now What?


That ride. I will never ever forget it. It was a full spectrum of emotions, and if there was an emotion for every letter in the English alphabet, I had them and felt them all. EmotionalVocabulary.jpg

Just a little over two years ago, I lost my life partner unexpectedly while I was out of town. Little did I know that making the decision not to accompany him to his clinic in Winnipeg that weekend, would result in him dying alone in a hotel. There was no mistaking that nasty gut feeling I had that morning I woke up in Regina and couldn’t reach him. The one time I decided not to go with him, he suddenly dies. I still feel this nasty nagging in my head once in awhile….the nagging of “I should have been with him! Maybe if I would have been there I could have done something. Maybe he’d still be alive.”  This grief is more than I can handle in my lifetime. I have already experienced anger from childhood and young adult trauma….and I had let go of that anger already once. But that anger and new anger resurfaced when I suffered my last huge loss. The anger of MORE loss, the anger at GOD (or whatever entity) for taking away my happiness and the anger of having to let go of my past completely in order to move on. These past two years have not been easy. Grief doesn’t know time. It has no real end, and often times the beginning of it are accompanied by negative things such as defeat, desperation and anger. The feelings of being ripped off in life has made a hole in my heart and this is how I am choosing to deal with it from here on out.


I honestly don’t know that this will help anyone, but I wanted to share my experience with cannabis and how it helped me cope the the loss of my life partner. So, I decided to share some personal thoughts with my readers in hopes I could work through an unhealthy grieving issue I have been experiencing. I want to dig a little deeper inside myself in an attempt to channel whatever comes of it in a positive way, and serve some real purpose by sharing. Maybe my experiences can help yours?

Finding Comfort In Family & Friends

During the most difficult of times, there is no room for things like pride or feeling like a burden. If your family and friends really care about you, they will step up and lend a hand. I had so much help when I lost him I couldn’t believe it. Friends came in from out of town stayed with me for days and really helped me through it all. My neighbors at the time took me in and took very good care of me, and to them I will always be so grateful. It actually has me in tears right now! Friends are a call away and sometimes hugs help too. Never be ashamed in reaching out to friends because that’s what friends are for. I have been so fortunate to have the family and friends I have today and honestly, without their support I don’t think I would where I am. Because of a best friend I write for a top magazine. Because of that friend, I regained my self-worth. Real friends are everything.

Getting Professional Help Is Okay

Trauma due to the loss of someone or something isn’t something for anyone to just “get over”. It’s something that we must learn to deal with. However, we can cope better when given the proper tools. I have some coping tools, but not the proper ones for what happened most recent. Although it has been two years since my last loss, I still grieve because I haven’t the proper tools to cope for this type of loss. At least not as of yet. Realizing that anger and grief have been leading my life recently has been a rude awakening, I have decided to get professional help for this specific loss. I want to learn to channel my grief in a creative and constructive way. I will never be ashamed of wanting something more for myself like getting the help I know deserve. But it is ultimately up to me to go get it and now I need to.

Taking Baths

As soon as I got the horrible news and finally made it safely home, I jumped in a hot bath. My safe haven. I have wanted and craved baths all my life when I’ve felt angst. I don’t know why, but all I know is that it helps me relax, and I have hung onto that as a coping tool for the majority of my life now. Today, there’s nothing better than a hot bath and a side of bong tokes. A little tip for anyone interested in making it their sanctuary, make it as hot as you can handle, then add epsom salts and essential oils like vanilla or lavender. Minimum soak, 20 minutes. Reflection time is good, and bathing is a good place to do that. Sometimes I will post G-rated candle lit baths on my Twitter account with # like #destress, #unwind and #chillax to get people bathing because I am a big believer in it’s calming ability. It has been wonderfully relaxing for me to make this an evening ritual before bed. This a place I know I can calm myself down safely and on my own.

Journaling for Peace

Journalling has been around for eras. I got my first key locked diary when I was 12. I never wrote anything much until I was about 14, but made good practice after that. From poetry to music, I wrote anything and everything back then. Journalling is a remarkable creative tool that requires three things, me, a pen and paper. So, I have decided to journal my feelings in efforts to directly vent it to back to myself so I that may reflect if I choose to. Getting a grip by journaling will be good for my healing path. Obtaining inner peace for myself is an important goal and there can be peace in writing I have found.

Cannabis, Gardening & Healing

When he passed away, I rarely touched cannabis because I felt a strong desire to ride the waves of my loss raw. However,  I did smoke cannabis before his service to honour him and to commemorate the cannabis patients who couldn’t attend his service but wanted to. I ended up giving myself a sober month to allow myself to begin healing properly again. Cannabis wasn’t on my mind at the time of my loss to be honest, even though I was well aware of it being a helpful tool. But, after a month passed, I had a harvest ready….

Super Silver Haze x Tahoe OG

…and I was able to start my cannabis regime again ❤ I began juicing it raw until it the rest of the harvest was cured, and made good use of my medicine in all its forms.

Gardening has so many natural healing benefits too. Caring for something can be a good distraction and a healthy coping space. I found crying in my garden to be so wonderful during that difficult time. It was so cleansing somehow. Overall, gardening is a good healing mechanism. I currently just growing garden tomatoes and other vegetables and am quite happy with this hobby.

Cannabis has been a saving grace for me. Without it, my overall well being would be completely compromised. I depend on it for pain relief, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and currently grief. In my stages of grief, I have discovered that high lineage indicas to be the best suited for me. They mostly calm me and allow me to unwind smoothly. OG Kush and Chemo being my two favorites. Eating cannabis also has calming effects, so I am going to up my intake on infused treats during the day and journal this progress as well.

If you are grieving or suffering a loss, know there is help and that cannabis can help take that edge off. Get informed about cannabis and it’s healing abilities, you might be surprised! Here’s a great video to get you started:

I hope this has been something of substance for my readers, because I truly believe that I will get through this. And if I can persevere, you can too.

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Feel Dabtastic! Your Safe Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

If you haven’t tried cannabis extracts yet, take it upon yourself to read this article as your guide to researched information and educational information based on my personal experiences. I have progressively dissected a plethora of feedback in regards to the makers of these products and by people who consume them. This has shown me that dabbing is not only a culture of like-minds, but that it is also used for optimizing overall inner balance and wellness. I myself dab everyday to correct my anxiety, and to align a clear path of awareness and consciousness. However, I did not dive into “dabbing” just overnight. Just like respecting any other drug, weaning into dabs is far safer than diving into them. Doing too much concentrates can have scary yet harmless adverse side effects like vomiting, paranoia, anxiousness and low blood pressure to name a few. This could potentially scare you away from ever wanting to try it again. So respect the decision to dab and respect the drug for what it is, concentrated. I always say this: your first experience in anything should ALWAYS be a positive one. My first dabbing experience was budder concentrates, that came from my dear friend Neil Magnuson. A pinch of this amazing extract sent my entire body into a pillowy cloud where I felt physically and spiritually connected within myself. It was the beginning of something quite wonderful for me and I haven’t looked back with any regret. Today, I enjoy a variation of cannabis extracts, and decided to write this for anyone who may be interested in learning how to enjoy concentrates and dabs safely.

Jade 12HC shoot

Types of Cannabis Concentrates and Their Processes.

As a rule, I prefer only clean, quality made/derived cannabis concentrate products. They look, feel and taste different, and are made in different variations. For instance, cannabis oil is sometimes also referred to as hash oil, RSO” a.k.a. “Rick Simpson Oil “,  honey oil, or  Cherry oil.  But remember to leave the extraction methods to the EXPERTS!

Cannabis THC Oil

And then there is cannabis hash or hashish, that was believed to have originated in Morocco. Hash is the most natural THCA cannabis available.  This amazing cannabis concentrate is usually made from cannabis flowers being agitated and then dry sifted, and is sometimes pressed. OR instead, the flowers are ice water extracted and poured through different sizes of micron bags. This results in the collection of strictly the  trichome heads and resin glands, unveiling the purest medicine of the flower. This collection is then cured and dehydrated by being carefully placed on cardboard, or special dehydrating mats. There a plethora of hash variations available to enjoy and sample, and I personally and highly recommend that it be tried at least once.

Moroccan Brick Hashish

A newer type of concentrate is Budder or Wax, made mostly from butane sources, and sometimes propane and other fuel like applications. These are usually NOT clarified or purged after the main process. About this wax…..this is wax residue that is found in canned butane and is used as an aerosol transportation application in most butane cans. The waxiness is often the leftover wax from that butane directly after the initial processing of the cannabis flowers. THIS is what leaves that “waxy” feel and appearance. It is not directly harmful, but can be harsher and be harder on the lungs for sure. Budder in medibles is not good either as it cannot be digested  due to the fact it is not food grade wax. However, when dabbed on a nail, it somehow leaves behind the amazing terpenes and natural cannabis oils  which is an absolute delight to hit.

Shatter, Pull and Snap (viscosity difference, soft to hard, you can pull and then snap it), and/or Glass (harder and much more solid, it usually goes flying if it’s picked at the wrong way) are also made from butane or propane cannabis extraction just like the wax and budder are, BUT are then immediately purged through commercial grade chamber ovens with attached vacuums for clearing out the wax residuals. It is processed this way for a stable 72-96 hours. This processing results in high grade cannabis concentrates and is much cleaner on the hit. These varieties have stepped up the game in this particular culturally driven dab lifestyle market.

Sugarwax was best explained to me as when the terpenes become separated from it’s other cannabinoid compounds, during the process of an unstable and longer 120 hour oven and vacuum purge (C/O WOW Concentrates Purveyor), rather than the previously mentioned normal 72-96 hour oven and vacuum purge that makes shatter and pull and snap. It appears shiny, crystally and sugary and it also smells and tastes amazing.

Rosin is the newest of concentrates, and is resulted when cannabis oils are collected through heat and severe pressure (a.k.a. flat iron and clamp method or t-shirt press method). It is considered to be one of the purest extraction methods and a great DIY hobby if you eventually can get into it.

Live Resin is when the fresh harvested cannabis is extracted with BHO and immediately made into concentrate, rather than using dried, cured flowers. Considered to be the freshest cannabis concentrate that is readily available.

Pull and Snap.jpg
Shatter/Pull & Snap

How to Obtain Cannabis “Anything” (in North America). OR hopefully you know somebody who might know somebody who might know someone….yadda yadda yadda.

Necessities, Utilities, & Dab Tool Essentials.

Basically you need a few big things, and then a few little things to follow as you become more into dabbing. First important investment is glass. Glass, as in, a water percolator style bong or pipe that can accommodate just about anything you decide to feed it. Versatility is key in a first glass purchase. You can save cash and buy a Red Eye or Hoss style manufactur made one until you can afford a locally blown collector piece or more expensive factory made one. You should buy one that is portable, and make sure to buy it a good durable case as it’s home when not in use. You may spend a little more on a case than the glass, but believe me, it is worth the investment long term. You can always use it for more expensive future glass you may purchase and it will protect your glass from almost any environment. These two go hand in hand, so be prepared to spend a few bucks. Secondly, you will need a proper sized TITANIUM or QUARTZ nail for the glass piece you are buying. If you already decided that you don’t like torches because it perhaps intimidates you, I might suggest to try an electric nail. They come in titanium and ceramic. They are known to be pricey, but are genuinely safer than a hot blowing flame, and you would never need butane either if you purchased one. You simply just need electricity to get it hot. Ask your local head shop retailer what nails are best and which one would work for your new glass piece, so you can customize your dab gear. In addition, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to properly “season”  your nail before you first use it. Click on the word “season” to learn how. If you don’t get an electric nail, then you will need a blowtorch. A chef’s blowtorch is cheaper than an electric nail by far, and can be purchased at almost any hardware store or local head shop. Oh btw, you will need butane for it, and a lot on hand, always. Quartz nails are great and are now more affordable. They also compliment terpenes so beautifully. You can also buy glass and ceramic nails, but in all honesty, glass nails are poor quality as they don’t retain heat for a long period and don’t get hot quite enough. Ceramic is nice, but can also be expensive.

The last thing you will need are concentrate application tools, like a dental style pic, spoon, carb-cap or dabber. This will allow you to apply different types of the concentrates onto the heated nail. These tools come in various styles,  and in metals  such as stainless steel and titanium. I personally, prefer carb caps for the extra punch it gives. Never hit off a red hot nail, as it should never be more than 710 degrees as a rule.

dab set up.jpg

Your First Dab Should Be A Little One.

Here’s a question for you. Where are you with cannabis in your life? Do you use it once in awhile (1-2 times per month)? Or are you using it more often than not (1-2 times a day)? Our physical and mental systems have cannabinoid tolerance levels, like anything else, and to ensure we do not overdo cannabis concentrates, we need to examine the cannabis usage within ourselves, prior to our first concentrate dab. I recommend to try it with someone who has experience in dabbing. Make sure you trust them not to feed you a huge first dab. It’s not called slabbing afteral, it’s called dabbing. Keep them tiny until you get use to the effects. And make sure to take your time when dabbing, taking breaks. NEVER operate any machinery high on dabs! Don’t drive if you don’t have to either. This is responsible recreational. Dabs hit hard and can make you feel heavier. As you get use to them, you will balance. Have a dabtastic time!

dab nail.jpg
Just a Dab’ll do Ya 🙂

Cannabis & Mental Health ~ Bridging the Gap


How Cannabis Can Help Your State of Mind

As a well adjusted 40 year old woman that has experienced childhood trauma, teen trauma, and adult trauma, cannabis has helped me as an adult, get through the worst experiences in my life. While I sought out professional help in my late 20’s for severe depression, anxiety disorder, multiple personality disorder and PTSD, the amazing team I obtained, had taught me better ways to cope for the life I was given, and for the life I had to eventually learn to lead. Through the roughest moments, I was forced to figure out what the best ways were for me to cope, because the other ways I was coping were not healthy, and I was leading a fast tracked life of hard drugs and alcohol. It wasn’t until further in my sexual abuse PTSD rehabilitation sessions, and healthy coping behavior skills course, that I realized why I had been abusing these substances. I had been numbing out my memories of sexual abuse and childhood trauma with cocaine and alcohol. I was fading away from pain in order not to deal with it. Addiction comes with a hard price, as it almost did for me. Thankfully, I was a functioning addict who got proper help in my early stages of addiction. With addiction, some people can lose themselves in stitched moments of foggy hangovers and tremoring withdrawals. I did not have to experience any of that thankfully, because I had the right medical team, psychological coaching, and a “wanting to heal” mindset. This ultimately created healthier behavior patterns for myself which proved long term, to have replenished my mind, body and soul. It opened an opportunity window for peaceful internal healing , so that I could start living again.


The most important thing I remind myself when I am down, is that there is help, resources, and other people who have been in similar situations, who I can identify with similar experiences. Group therapy helped me immensely. I was not alone in my fears and traumas. As I heavily bonded with other women in my similar situation,  it was then I truly realized that there was hope for me to heal. There was a real opportunity for me to start healing as a victim and survivor of lifelong sexual abuse. So I went for it, and completed the rehabilitation courses and group therapy sessions in two years. The tricky part afterwards? Staying on top of it, everyday. And there is a better, healthier, safer way to do so. With cannabis. Using cannabis as a mental health coping regime can be beneficial even if you don’t use cannabis on a regular basis, or at all. I know personally PTSD patients, who are veterans of war, who now use cannabis as medicine to cope through the ongoing terrors that surface. Cannabis DOES HELP with mental wellness. Being able to cope healthily mentally, means being able to move on, so you can start a new emotional path to healing yourself as a whole.

DSC_2241As no trauma can be diminished over any period of time, coping the best we can and staying on top of our emotions become the forefront of our daily happiness’. Easier said than done, I know. Cannabis has been my personal saving grace not only for my arthritis, but also for my mental health issues. It keeps my emotions in check, my anxiety down and my spirit happily fed. I am motivated to clean my home, go for walks, call my friends and make it to work. I am living my life the way I ought to be because I use cannabis. If you suffer from mental health issues, you can take your life back. Getting help is your first step. Get help to clear the fog, to figure out your triggers, to sort the clouds. Talk to a doctor about cannabis as medicine. Open up a door and create dialogue. Educate yourself and your caregiver. I use cannabis so I can feel better, so I can deal with my emotions rationally, and awaken dormant brain hormones to feel my happiest. Cannabis balances me, and perhaps it can do the same for you.

Adopting Healthy Coping Behaviour Skills

I am a strong believer in the “Teach a Man to Fish” logic, so I will teach my readers some easy coping behaviour skills through this blog. I find staying on top of my emotions daily is the best way to deal with my mental health issues instead of hoping an episode or breakdown doesn’t occur. Think of it as preventative rather than a bandage to an ONGOING issue. The best formula for this (I found for myself) is daily self-affirmation and daily self-pampering. By doing one positive thing for yourself every single day, it tells ourselves that we are loving ourselves by giving ourselves a little attention we cannotbong bath get from anyone else. Our biggest mistakes in life is relying on others to do important things for us, like giving us happiness. Well, that is simply unrealistic and holds no logic. We are the captains of our own ships and we can decide for ourselves whether or not we want to use our sails. Never rely on anyone to do anything for you that you cannot do for yourself. By doing something for yourself as simple as going for a brisk walk, cleaning out an old closet, or helping a friend move, it proves to be a self-rewarding moment in the process of healing. Take a vape pen with you on the go, or roll a fatty to make the task more uplifting and fulfilling. Get semi-stoned, not ripped. Watch as you accomplish your daily task, the worries and stressors dissipate, leaving you internally satisfied. When overwhelmed or stressed, have a hot epsom salt bath and hotbox the bathroom with some weedy bong rips or shatter dabs, then get RIPPED.

Socializing & Making New Friends For Support

Making time to socialize is so important. Even when we want to shut the world out, we should always remember that without our friends, we might not have anyone to lean on in the worst of times, so it’s important to spend time with them for good times as well. Afterall, they will likely understand your pain and hold you when you need to let it all out. Heading to a movie requires little talking if you aren’t in the mood to yap. Sometimes those awkward silences can be strange and uncomfortable so a movie can play a good role in keeping those moments at bay. Another way to socialize without really having to go anywhere is calling someone on the phone. Reaching out lets others know how you are doing, and allows you to see how they are doing too. But I think getting out and doing something is truly the way to go. One of my favorite cannabis friendly socializing spots are vapor lounges in Vancouver. We have a few great ones, like Cannabis Culture Lounge and Budzilla, whvapor loungeere people can socialize and openly smoke weed in a safe environment. If you do not have access to one near you, I might suggest gathering friends for one big session at an agreeable disclosed location. Large pot smoking sessions are fun and a great way to reconnect with people you may not have seen in awhile. Be sure to bring munchies!

Tapping Into Your Creative DNA (We All Have It)

If you can imagine, you can create. Remember the days where you drew pictures, colored pictures or wrote poems? Or perhaps you weren’t that creative. Maybe you liked building model cars, woodworking or flying robotic airplanes? Rediscovering your youthful creative and adventurous side can be a great navigational tool for coping and healing. By mentally focusing outside of your everyday conscious thinking core, exercising the subconscious imagination often is allowing yourself to live again in ways that make you happy and uplifted. And what a better way to exercise it as uninhibited as you can, while being nicely high on cannabis. Cannabis unleashes creative thinking, physical relaxation and mental reflexes. These are all primal traits for creativity and flow. If you want to try something outside your zone, go for it, and try it with cannabis. Take up a pottery class, try painting, or take up a local pot-yoga class. As long as you apply yourself in new and creative ways, you can guarantee that those bleak, dark, sadder days will soon become a thing of the past. Dedicate time for yourself to medicate and restore, and remember that only you can make you happy. Try cannabis in these adventures, and try them with or without stoney friends. The only thing that matters is that you try. Hempy healing ❤







Sexual Harassment & the Cannabis Workplace

Breaking the Silence


Japanese sne rasta

We don’t want to talk about it, see it happen, or experience it. It’s paralyzing silence has made it’s way through careers of people, many of them being women. Since women took on independent liberties in the 1960’s, and began to break the house-wife status’ across North America by working in the job markets, women have found themselves at one point or another, sexually harassed by a co-worker or boss. This era particularly found women professionally dressing in sexy clothing, which often time made them appear as sex objects. It is in my opinion that these women were trying to get themselves further along in their careers by exuding sex appeal, perhaps in hopes to further themselves up a “corporate ladder” with a promotion as an assistant to the Big Cheese. Well at least that’s what daytime soap-opera tv taught me back then. But whatever the case, I also speculate that women overall in general, want to dress sexy because they are simply just confident and that confidence should never be misunderstood for, “I wanna be harassed by you” or “Please rape me.”  I will be the first one to admit that I love looking sexy, but that is not a sexual invitation by any means. If I don’t lean in first, you have no business in my bubble, cleavage, or no cleavage.




By the mid 80’s, some North American work places adopted a strict no sexual harassment in the workplace rule often coached by flaccid Beta or VHS tape, viewed in a stuffy old office, where everyone eventually cracked dirty jokes as they watched it. But it isn’t funny. Not at all. Sexual harassment is a serious matter and I personally have witnessed friends become victim to this dark matter in the cannabis industry. We smoke weed, a lot of it, but honestly, weed itself, has nothing to do with this. Just some random messed up people in the weed industry, toking among us, and pretending this is normal. Furthering discussions recently, have had the East and West coast supporters saddened and fearing a dividing silent awakening, that will soon bare turbulent waters if no one speaks up. If you are an offender and found yourself here wondering if I am naming names, you need to leave my site now, I have better things to do than be a rat for your shitty behaviour.




I am using my website blog to break the silence, in hopes that my readers (men and women) understand that this is a serious matter. If you are a person (again, man or woman) who is being sexually harassed at your workspace, the first thing to do is try to talk about it to someone you trust. If you have been raped, you NEED (seriously, like right now) to tell someone you trust and seek medical help immediately. If you have a friend who is victim, reach out and check in often. Encourage healing, and promote dialouge about what happened. The only advice to give this person is to weigh out their own circumstances. Everything has a price, even the truth. A great start to healing is  by talking it through with a friend or family member, as this can be a saving grace of coping simply on it’s own. It is high time to put sexual harassment in the cannabis community into check, and to let everyone know that our lives matter, our feelings matter, and our jobs matter!  In addition, I would like to remind everyone that just because someone appears sexy, it does not automatically mean that they are looking to get laid. It might just mean that they are confident and maybe more that they feel good about themselves. Stay safe my peeps, and keep it in your pants and shirts until you get SOBER permission. And remember……………..