Facebook & Networking

DSC_0605 I have been so honored and blessed to have had such an amazing career over the past year, and have been able to network so many wonderful people, companies and situations, people often wonder how I get the interviews I do for www.twelvehighchicks.com so I thought I would share my networking secrets. I really do have to thank my fans, friends and previous patients that Dr. Engelbrecht and I have helped in the past. Without them, these moments in my life would not have been so remarkably pivotal.
My first goals when searching for a interview candidate, really starts with the “belt notches”of the person I am going to interview, always pertaining to cannabis of course, and how it fits into their lives.  Often times, I enjoy using Facebook to initiate messages to these wonderful people, explaining who I am, what I do, how I do it, and why I do it. A great icebreaker for me when approaching my subjects, is when I ask them to read my other interviews to get a sense of my interview style and energy. In addition, I only use Google docs with my clients, so it can be an easy way to set up a live editing feed for the pre-interview questions, and then the official interview. It makes it fluid and easy to work with.  As a journalist, it is also important for me to invest time into the history of the subjects, collecting data and researching them thoroughly. Whether I use news articles, Google or ask them direct, my approach is always soft, inviting and reassuring. I do not engage in writing about any rumors, nor do I use any cornering questions, and nor do I use any type of negative exposure in my work. I strongly feel that there is enough negative things in this world, and I am happy to leave that type of negativity to those types of writers. For myself, satisfaction comes from within and when I get to know the truths of my clients in their own headspace, words, and language. It is the end result, the final product, their stories unleashed.

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