Microdosing LSD: Channeling Your Third Eye (21 years+)


This content is for mature reader’s only, and is not intended to promote anything more than what it states. Everything on my site, is the true essence of me. Please know you need to be 21 years old or older to continue reading.

Caution is taken when handling lysergic acid diethylamide, a.k.a. LSD. Never handle LSD with vulnerable bare skin, as open pores can easily absorb any LSD molecular properties topically by improper dosing, which can cause a bad experience. Always use gloves, tweezers and scissors to handle. Most importantly, if you must keep it on hand, keep in a secured glass jar and locked up out of the reach of any children and animals. Safety first!

What is LSD?

LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide which is a man made drug often manufactured by “chemists” and designed to unlock, what I like to call our Third Eye.

 LSD was first stumbled upon in 1938, by Albert Hofmann when he synthesized ergotamine, a derivative of a grain fungus.  It was upon his discovery that made LSD become what it is known as today. Millions of humans over decades have explored this drug phenomenon. I myself included. It comes in a various forms, but often in forms of liquid, pills (microdots and tablet pills), and tablet paper blotter. This article is based on tablet paper blotter LSD. Please also keep this in mind for this article mentions of the microdosing part.

Awakening Your Third Eye

Imagine your life in layers, as you see it happening over time. Imagine you have questions you can’t obtain the answers to, so what are they? LSD unveils our very core by revealing what we seek to ourselves most, who we are, why we are here, etc. The layers of life can start to unfold and begin to make sense where it didn’t before. The mental roadblocks dissipate, rapidly dissolving into grains of the past. A transition occurs inside. Realizations occur. Visions grow and feed. Notions make sense. Clarity is no longer a requirement because the answers are all visible. We can slowly morph into our better selves, with the right guidance by respecting the keys we are given. LSD is such a key when used in light doses.

Microdosing LSD has become a new trend to self medicate, to self concentrate, and to self alleviate our hardened layers we have so devilishly and tragically earned. With overloads of today’s society and media news mind pollution, we can FINALLY opt out and scratch a new plateau to channel our Third Eye. Microdosing LSD is the key to that Third Eye we ALL can unlock. You’re more than likely wondering what I mean by “microdosing LSD”. Regarding it’s unpredictable potencies,  the absorption of LSD is based on one’s metabolites. It is because of this very reason that I would never advise anyone to take more than a quarter of one tablet blotter paper for a first trip. Oh, and if the LSD isn’t perforated, then dosing isn’t to be “guesstimated”.  Skip this batch and wait for the real deal. And yeah, I know. A quarter tab looks small, but don’t underestimate the ability it can have. So when I say a quarter tab, it means nothing more!

Now clearly I am in no position to tell you how to obtain LSD, but I would really recommend getting sourced by someone you can completely trust. I have always asked the oldest friend I have. They always seem to know for some strange reason or another. “Google” is also great when you add the word “shop online” after any noun. But you probably already knew that!


First Time with LSD?

Let’s go over a couple of extremely important facts here first before I go any further. First of all, LSD is highly illegal internationally. So be very warned. It is also very intense as it is very potent. Again, be warned. It has however, been medically recognized to help several people face life threatening diseases such as cancer and AIDS. LSD in a small microdose can aid in many departments medically too. I use LSD to deal with childhood trauma and PTSD. Here are other roles LSD has been known to aid in:

PTSD alleviation


Higher sex drive

Self Esteem inhibitor

Memory Booster

Physical Booster

Mental Booster

These are probably legitimate reason’s why it’s still illegal too….but that will be a completely different blog.

The second really important fact is that adults will do what adults want to do no matter who says what. Laws and society cannot stop them from any temptations, but people like myself can educate some of the dumasses out there who might think LSD is a lightweight game. LSD is not to be perceived as such, nor is it to be taken as a hard drug. But we need to write the rules as we go, so I figured I would try to educate my readers since I have been an LSD fan since my young adulthood.

Do’s  & Don’t’s (And I MEAN DON’T!)

The easiest way to educate you was for me to prepare a DO and DON’T when it comes to LSD at any dose. I chose to write the DO’s first because I feel everyone should try LSD at least ONCE in their lifetime. But like all experiences they require fine tuning and some self examining.

DO (readiness before you begin):

Do use a positive head space before you ingest any drug, ever. MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. 

Do use gloves and sterile tools like tweezers and hair scissors to handle to dosing.

Do know your surroundings. Know your location. Know the time.

Do know who you are with and that you completely trust them.

Do have a sense of time. You don’t need to be a clock watcher, but it’s good to know how things are moving along, and when.

Do tell someone when you dose alone so you have someone to talk to in case you need to talk a bad trip through, or a great trip through too!

Do expect that your next 12-24 hours will be an interesting ride. There will be new things to see and explore.

Do have food and plenty of water on hand. Even if you think you can’t eat, you may actually surprise yourself and eat. I do sometimes as I find food fascinating as I eat it tripping…. ūüôā

Do listen to music that is upbeat and happy. Music is the rhythm the detangles toxic energies such as the noise of cars, traffic, etc. Good music is always a great way to lead an endeavor such as this.

Do surround yourself with things that make you happy, it helps channel your Third Eye’s vision.

Do think positive about all that is you. “Be” positive, don’t “stay” positive. Mindset is everything  so remember this as you go.

Do be united with yourself as your trip by opening any possibility of a thought.  Embrace all “What if’s?” This is The Universe unveiling its countless possibilities. This is the opening of the Third Eye’s lid…..be prepared for the awakening. The trip, the journey. The answer to life…or whatever it is you seek.

Do be aware that you could have a bad trip.  It is always possible. 



Don’t take LSD if you think you can’t handle it. Mindset is everything.  If you were in a bad mood earlier but you’re okay now, WAIT A DAY to drop it. That bad energy hasn’t settled just yet so don’t try to kid yourself. The negative energy, needs to go away first. Wait an extra day before you drop.If you have to even question it, don’t do it, just save it for a better day. A possible bad trip awaits you if the mindset is even remotely off, especially where LSD is concerned. This is a think before you do type of drug. Emotions can play a thick role in where you will go if the mindset is even remotely out of tune. DO LISTEN TO YOUR THIRD EYE, IT’S ALREADY TELLING YOU WHEN IT’S READY!

Don’t take off and not tell anyone after you consume LSD. Consider this a golden rule. If something bad happens someone needs to be aware. 

Don’t expect to have any plans for at least 36 hours. Even when taking a small minute amount, it can take a long time to fully leave your system. In my experiences, three days is plenty of time to come and go.

Don’t go wandering alone on LSD, EVER. Especially to public places where hands touch things like door handles. Let’s be adult here and remember that LSD can be transmittable through pores. When we are “on” LSD and sweat, which we do when it’s in us, we are reproducing the LSD via our pores. When we touch things like door handles, etc, we make others vulnerable. We simply cannot, under any circumstances make others sick or high. So BE CAUTIOUS AND BE RESPONSIBLE! I cannot stress this enough!!!

Don’t worry if you start thinking negative. Just smile and relax. Remember to breathe! We do this all the time in our reality and when viewing from our Third Eye. The perspectives are always honest, and that’s the beauty of LSD, it doesn’t lie to you. You are opening up to being your true you to you. Negative thoughts are as natural as the day you were born, and this is the new birth of your Third Eye. Accept all that is different, all that is you. This is where it begins.

Don’t be afraid to call someone if you have a bad trip. We all have them once and awhile, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t ever slip someone LSD, EVER. 

Enjoying the “Waves”

You will begin to noticed waves of pleasure before anything, as it progressively heightens throughout the ride. In some boughts, you will feel more pleasure, while other times, a dip will happen. This is your brain adjusting to the brain hormone production levels that we aren’t used to normally. It is best to ride the waves as they come. These waves are particularly enjoyable when with friends watching a funny movie, walking in the park or even the beach is amazing. Whatever you choose to do while microdosing LSD, please be safe and responsible. After all, it’s being responsible that keeps us safe!

This blog was written for entertainment purposes only, and is not meant to be used as an educational tool. Stay safe readers!






Responsible Recreational Cannabis Adventuring

Woman joint smoke


Responsibility Is Your Mindset


In Canada, cannabis is legal from a medical standpoint, and is promised to be one day recreationally legalized under the new Liberal Government of Justin Trudeau. Also, throughout¬†23 states, cannabis is legal for either recreational and/or medical, and is ever growing. But let’s be honest here, ¬†having a valid medical marijuana¬†“prescription”¬†doesn’t mean much anymore these days. People will always have a desire to be free, and¬†they will¬†always throw caution to the wind when it comes to law, personal freedoms, and liberty. This especially is true when it comes to the use of cannabis and the laws that encompass it globally. This brings us to the underground use of recreational weed, and all it’s taboo. Who ever thought that in America that recreational weed would be legal (not federally, only per state)? I certainly didn’t. But I suppose¬†my guess was as good as anyone else’s. Whether it’s legal or not, medical or not, people consume it. If¬†you have pondered exploring recreational marijuana and are needing some guidance, then you are at the right blog. Staying safe, mindful and AWARE of your environment and experience is important. ¬†Therefore,¬†getting high “recreationally” means preparing ahead of time.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Planning ahead will get you prepared better for those OOPS I FORGOT moments, and for those HOW DO I GET HOME moments, because we are responsible for our own safety and wellbeing. If you are planning some good old fashioned adventuring, try setting up a carpool of friends with one designated driver. If you don’t have a ride and¬†don’t mind transit, plan your route and destinations ahead of time and make sure to put the correct information on your smartphone. Remember that if you aren’t a chronic toker, not to¬†drive while high. New laws are forming in North America, and have huge repercussions if are caught. It just isn’t worth it.



Arrange a ride for your peace of mind.

Never¬†rely on others to have bongs and papers for you, honestly, it’s lame and you should always bring your own gear even if you only adventure casually. And hey ladies, PLEASE invest in a Hurley backpack or a Pelican for your gear because it just works better on many levels. And these work great for glass and dab gear on the go, and it fits personal things like a wallet, keys and lip balm. Another tip for you beautiful sisters out there is¬†not to¬†wear heels when adventuring on cannabis because you will soon realize how uncomfortable you feel. Dress comfortable head to toe and always pack a hoodie just in case. When it comes to packing devices like torches, make sure you pack a full can of butane for easy refills as your day turns to night. You’ll be the one who remembered to bring the tane ūüėČ

When you are out adventuring, you can bring your wallet, but always also bring a realistic budget. Cannabis is expensive unless you know people, in which case, good for you! Leave your credit card at home if you can help it. One tends to blow more money when they are high and besides, you don’t want to be kicking yourself in the ass the next day over a THC hangover. Recreational cannabis, means sticking to your budget. And don’t forget that weed makes you hungry, so bring enough cash for munchies and food fan fare.

Socializing & Cannabis Etiquette

Germs aren’t cool, but we can’t always escape them. When you do share, try the cupping technique where lips only touch your hand. Mindful toking like rolling and smoking your own¬†without¬†sharing, is becoming more popular with illnesses and seasonal virus’. What has become more popular recently¬†is known as bud swapping. Trading a friend a nug for a nug is a socially acceptable fair trade deal¬†that creates dialogue among its admirers and fans. Trading buds also means you don’t have to share it right away, but roll it for when you want it, or pop it in your bong and pass it around!

Smoking a joint
A toke is taken without directly placing mouth on the joint by doing a hand cupping technique. This is popular for hygiene and for stopping the spread of germs.

When it comes to sharing glass, and tools, it’s best to keep alcohol wipes and a lighter handy to sterilize your mouthpiece after you’ve opted to share it. If you don’t want to share your stuff, do not expect others to share, but if they do, maybe learn to share too. Besides, we often learn by setting better examples for each other. This doesn’t mean you have to give your shatter or weed all away, but be positive and offer out if others offer you the same. Reciprocation means a happy experience and establishing good relationships within your community.

When you get home safe, remember to check in with your friends if you used transit, and text them to let them know you made it home safely. If you drop someone off, text them when you get home. Being mindful enough to let someone know you made it home safe will end the night with everyone at ease. Remember tokers, you can get high, but can be responsible doing it. Happy responsible recreational cannabis adventuring everyone!



Feel Dabtastic! Your Safe Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

If you haven’t tried cannabis extracts yet, take it upon yourself to read this article¬†as your guide to researched information and educational information based on my personal experiences. I have progressively dissected a plethora of feedback in regards to the¬†makers of these products and by people who consume them. This has shown me that dabbing is not only a culture of like-minds, but that¬†it is also used¬†for¬†optimizing overall inner balance and wellness. I myself dab everyday to correct my anxiety, and to align a clear path of awareness and consciousness. However, I did not dive¬†into “dabbing” just overnight. Just like respecting any other drug, weaning into dabs is far safer than diving into them. Doing too much concentrates can have scary yet harmless¬†adverse side effects like vomiting, paranoia, anxiousness and low blood pressure to name a few. This could potentially scare you away from ever wanting to try it again. So respect the decision to dab and respect the drug for what it is, concentrated. I always say this: your first experience in anything should ALWAYS be a positive one. My first dabbing experience was budder concentrates, that came¬†from my dear friend Neil Magnuson. A pinch of this amazing extract sent my entire body into a pillowy cloud where I felt physically and spiritually connected within myself. It was the beginning of something quite wonderful for me and I haven’t looked back with any regret. Today, I enjoy a variation of cannabis extracts, and decided to write this for anyone who may be interested in learning how to enjoy concentrates and dabs safely.

Jade 12HC shoot

Types of Cannabis Concentrates and Their Processes.

As a rule, I prefer only clean, quality made/derived cannabis concentrate products. They look, feel and taste¬†different, and are made in different variations. For instance,¬†cannabis oil is¬†sometimes also referred to as hash oil,¬†RSO” a.k.a. “Rick Simpson Oil¬†“, ¬†honey oil,¬†or ¬†Cherry oil. ¬†But remember to leave the extraction methods to the EXPERTS!

Cannabis THC Oil

And then there is cannabis hash or hashish, that was believed to have originated in Morocco. Hash is the most natural THCA cannabis available.  This amazing cannabis concentrate is usually made from cannabis flowers being agitated and then dry sifted, and is sometimes pressed. OR instead, the flowers are ice water extracted and poured through different sizes of micron bags. This results in the collection of strictly the  trichome heads and resin glands, unveiling the purest medicine of the flower. This collection is then cured and dehydrated by being carefully placed on cardboard, or special dehydrating mats. There a plethora of hash variations available to enjoy and sample, and I personally and highly recommend that it be tried at least once.

Moroccan Brick Hashish

A newer type of concentrate is Budder or Wax,¬†made mostly from butane sources, and sometimes propane and other fuel like applications. These are usually¬†NOT clarified or purged after the main process. About this wax…..this is wax residue that is found in canned butane and is used as an aerosol transportation application in most butane cans. The waxiness is often the leftover wax from that butane directly after the initial processing of the cannabis flowers. THIS is what leaves that “waxy” feel and appearance. It is not directly harmful, but can be harsher and be harder on the lungs for sure. Budder in medibles is not good either as it cannot be digested ¬†due to the fact it is not food grade wax. However, when dabbed on a nail, it somehow leaves behind the amazing terpenes and natural cannabis oils ¬†which is an absolute delight to hit.

Shatter,¬†Pull and Snap (viscosity difference, soft to hard, you can pull and then snap it), and/or Glass (harder and much more solid, it usually goes flying if it’s picked at the wrong way)¬†are also made from butane or propane cannabis extraction just like the wax and budder are, BUT are then immediately purged through commercial grade chamber ovens with attached¬†vacuums for clearing out the wax residuals. It is processed this way for a stable 72-96 hours. This processing results in¬†high grade cannabis concentrates and is much¬†cleaner on the hit. These varieties¬†have stepped up the game in this particular¬†culturally driven dab lifestyle market.

Sugarwax was best explained to me as when the terpenes become separated from it’s other cannabinoid compounds, during the process of an unstable and longer 120 hour oven and vacuum purge (C/O WOW Concentrates Purveyor), rather than the previously mentioned normal 72-96 hour oven and vacuum purge that makes shatter and pull and snap. It appears shiny, crystally and sugary and it also smells and tastes amazing.

Rosin is the newest of concentrates, and is resulted when cannabis oils are collected through heat and severe pressure (a.k.a. flat iron and clamp method or t-shirt press method). It is considered to be one of the purest extraction methods and a great DIY hobby if you eventually can get into it.

Live Resin is when the fresh harvested cannabis is extracted with BHO and immediately made into concentrate, rather than using dried, cured flowers. Considered to be the freshest cannabis concentrate that is readily available.

Pull and Snap.jpg
Shatter/Pull & Snap

How to Obtain Cannabis “Anything” (in North America).

www.leafly.com¬†OR hopefully you know somebody who might know somebody who might know someone….yadda yadda yadda.

Necessities, Utilities, & Dab Tool Essentials.

Basically you need a few big¬†things, and then a few little things to follow as you become more into dabbing. First important investment is glass. Glass, as in, a water percolator style bong or pipe that can accommodate just about anything you decide to feed it. Versatility is key in a first glass purchase. You can save cash and buy a Red Eye or Hoss style manufactur made one¬†until you can afford a locally blown collector piece or more expensive factory made one. You should buy one that is portable, and make sure to buy it a good durable case as it’s home when not in use. You may spend a little more on a case than the glass, but believe me, it is worth the investment long term. You can always use it for more expensive future glass you may purchase and it will protect your glass from almost any environment. These two go hand in hand, so be prepared to spend a few bucks. Secondly, you will need a proper sized TITANIUM or QUARTZ nail for the glass piece you are buying. If you already decided that you don’t like torches because it perhaps intimidates you, I might suggest to try an electric nail. They come in titanium and ceramic. They are known to¬†be pricey, but are genuinely safer than a hot blowing flame, and you would never need butane either if you purchased one. You simply just need electricity to get it hot. Ask your local head shop retailer what nails are best and which one would work for your new glass piece, so you can customize your dab gear. In addition, it’s VERY IMPORTANT to properly¬†“season”¬† your nail¬†before you first use it. Click on the word “season” to learn how.¬†If you don’t get an electric nail, then you will need a¬†blowtorch. A chef’s blowtorch is cheaper than an electric nail by far,¬†and can be purchased at almost any hardware store or local head shop. Oh btw,¬†you will need butane for it, and a lot on hand, always. Quartz nails are great and are now more affordable. They also compliment terpenes so beautifully. You can also buy glass and ceramic nails, but in all honesty, glass nails are poor quality as they don’t retain heat for a long period and don’t get hot quite enough. Ceramic is nice, but can also be expensive.

The last thing you will need are concentrate application tools, like a dental style pic, spoon, carb-cap or dabber. This will allow you to apply different types of the concentrates onto the heated nail. These tools come in various styles,  and in metals  such as stainless steel and titanium. I personally, prefer carb caps for the extra punch it gives. Never hit off a red hot nail, as it should never be more than 710 degrees as a rule.

dab set up.jpg

Your First Dab Should Be A Little One.

Here’s a question for you. Where are you with cannabis in your life? Do you use it once in awhile (1-2 times per month)? Or are you using it more often than not (1-2 times a day)? Our physical and mental systems have cannabinoid tolerance levels, like anything else, and to ensure we do not overdo cannabis concentrates, we need to examine the cannabis usage within ourselves, prior to our first concentrate dab. I recommend to try it with someone who has experience in dabbing. Make sure you trust them not to feed you a huge first dab. It’s not called slabbing afteral, it’s called dabbing. Keep them tiny until you get use to the effects. And make sure to take your time when dabbing, taking breaks. NEVER¬†operate any machinery high on dabs! Don’t drive if you don’t have to either. This is responsible recreational. Dabs hit hard and can make you feel heavier. As you get use to them, you will balance. Have a dabtastic time!

dab nail.jpg
Just a Dab’ll do Ya ūüôā